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Eat healthy, live well!

At Rosalia Salad Gourmet we are renowned for our exquisite custom salads, but we also have much more to offer! In our healthy fast food restaurant you'll find many different regular, vegan or vegetarian dishes, all of which share the same uniquely wholesome and flavorful organic, seasonal, locally-produced ingredients. The menu includes tasty street foods, fine Italian traditional recipes, fresh drinks, and vegan-friendly desserts reinvented as new gourmet specialties.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet
What dishes are we talking about?

Here's a taste:

  • Vegetable couscous prepared with legumes and cereals following its traditional recipe

  • Quinoa salads with vegetables, ginger and coriander to tickle your palate

  • Light and natural sandwiches, available in many variations of bread including wholemeal and gluten-free, with sauces and fillings selected by our chefs for the perfect mix of flavors

  • Crispy wraps filled with fresh vegetables or cheese when you need an informal snack

  • Tasty paninis as a nutritious, high-protein alternative to salads

Rosalia Salad Gourmet
To quench your thirst

Choose the refreshing, healthy drink that complements your dish from:

  • Vegetable and fruit smoothies for a colorful, body toning, detoxing drink with the same beneficial properties of fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Vegetable juices rich in fiber and vitamins

  • Fruit juices without added sugars or artificial sweeteners, as well as all your favorite drinks

Rosalia Salad Gourmet
End your meal on a sweet note

or treat yourself to a tasty, light dessert for breakfast such as:

  • Soft muffins to spoil yourself a bit

  • Vegan pies with no milk, butter or eggs, but plenty of flavor

  • Vegan croissants, fragrant and crunchy

  • Chocolate bars in multiple flavors and cacao intensity

  • Fresh seasonal fruit, nature's dessert!

Rosalia Salad Gourmet
Seasonal Menu

In addition to our permanent dishes, such as vegetable couscous and vegetable and fruit smoothies, we also provide additional specialties that change according to season and local availability of fresh ingredients. The seasonal menu follows nature's cycles and invites you to discover different local flavors throughout the year, offering:

  • Hot soups to keep you warm during winter months

Taste Shop

Enjoy the same wholesome flavors at home thanks to artisan products sold in the Taste Shop area. All Rosalia Salad Gourmet-branded products are handmade using only natural and ethical ingredients, just as the dishes on our menu.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet
In our stores you can buy:
  • 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil made with olives from reliable olive groves, picked and pressed as in the old days

  • Organic coffee blends personalized by Rosalia Salad Gourmet, with intense aroma to awaken your senses

  • Cookies and other treats to nibble when you want a snack

Why choose our gourmet specialties?

A diet based on fresh, seasonal, locally-produced fruits and vegetables gives you numerous health benefits. High mineral, fiber, and vitamin content, together with low sugar and saturated fat amount, fosters longevity and maintenance of a good physical shape. Scientific studies show that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and metabolic disorders, as well as preventing certain types of cancer and osteoporosis. On the psychological side, benefits are no less important: better mood and more vitality.

Vegetarian and vegan dishes facilitate weight loss in association with regular exercise, increase concentration on study or work, and improve your overall quality of life. This is why our menu is dedicated to anyone who loves simple, authentic flavors and cares about mind and body health. More and more people are choosing healthy and quality foods when looking for a cheap meal outside the home. You too can start your journey towards wellness with us!