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We provide natural ingredients, you create the salad!

Rosalia Salad Gourmet offers you a whole world of mouthwatering and healthy specialties, ranging from appealing vegetarian street foods to old-fashioned recipes. But the crowning glory of our healthy fast food restaurant is gourmet salads. Wholesome, light but also flavorful – there's one for all tastes. But what if you still can't find the right one for you? Surprise! You can create your own salad, customized with your favorite ingredients. We provide all the fresh vegetables you want, you just have to choose them.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet

We designed a vast menu of ready-made salads to guide you in the exploration of new and old natural flavors. Appetizing yet light salads are enriched with carefully selected seasonal and organic products to create exceptional taste combinations. Prepared before your eyes, they blend genuine homemade dishes with first-class Italian haute cuisine. And the most demanding palates have an additional possibility: putting themselves in our chefs' shoes and creating their unique salad mix!

As an alternative to ready-made salads, you can make your own custom salads as you like. Pick your preferred fresh vegetables among the many available choices, all washed and chopped in our kitchen. Each ingredient comes with nutritional info to help you create the energizing or diet salad that best suits your dietary needs. It's an unmissable opportunity to try a new salad each day for lunch or dinner – as well as its healthy properties.

If this isn't enough for your appetite, give your salad an extra gourmet touch adding one of the special dressings designed to enhance its flavor, from homemade olive oil to vegan sauces produced by our chefs. Now your wholesome, delicious street food is ready to enjoy, even when you're in a hurry thanks to our salad takeaway service.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet

Locally-produced, seasonal wholesomeness

When you visit our restaurant you'll see our ingredients and dishes change with the season. The reason is that all products used to make our salads, as well as the other dishes on the menu, are locally sourced according to their seasonality. We rely on the renowned Florentine markets to get fresh, quality fruit and vegetables of certified origin.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet

Following our ethical principles, we carefully choose only seasonal and zero-kilometer products to promote a healthier and more sustainable life. We believe in the importance of protecting nature, and we contribute to its defense by using local products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% and environmentally friendly packaging.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet

Our take-away salads are served in a handy and recyclable cylindrical plastic glass, easy to carry with one hand unlike traditional salad boxes, to let you enjoy your meal comfortably even on the road. We always take into account our customers' needs and value our local community, in order to support regional culinary traditions and to serve unquestionably genuine and sustainable dishes.