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A healthy street food triumph

Are you looking for a place where you can eat salads in Florence, Italy? Look no further! At Rosalia Salad Gourmet, the healthy fast food restaurant with wholesome foods, you can rediscover the pleasure of picking the freshest vegetables one by one and combining them in tasty, light dishes with an exclusive addition: the special touch of our chefs.

We offer you not only the best salads in Florence already prepared, but also the possibility to customize them with a wide selection of locally-produced, organic, seasonal ingredients. Many other gourmet recipes complete our menu, like vegetarian dishes, vegan street food, and traditional foods, to whet everyone's appetite in an ethical and healthy way.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet

Our specialties transform your meal into a unique opportunity to taste natural flavors and take care of yourself. Perfect for anyone who wants a quick and convenient meal without compromising on quality, well-being, and joy of good food away from home. They provide the right amount of energy to face a busy day of work or study and help achieve a healthy body shape. Maximum attention is paid to food intolerance and special dietary requirements, in order to offer equally nutritious and appetizing allergens, dairy, and gluten-free foods.

Combining great taste and balanced diet principles is the ambition of Rosalia Salad Gourmet and its creators Vincenzo Martoccia and Giancarlo Cosentino, who have been seeking culinary excellence in all its forms for over twenty years. With the same passion of a young woman who picks vegetables in the kitchen garden and carefully prepares hand-made salads, Rosalia Salad Gourmet wants to share the quality of fresh, genuine local products with all tasty and healthy cuisine enthusiasts.

The atmosphere of sharing and discovering new and old traditions extends to the whole location, cozy and chic. The first healthy fast food restaurant to combine a concept store, a vegetarian bar and a gourmet restaurant in Florence, it is a place of meeting, relaxation, and sensory exploration for professionals, students, street food lovers, and people devoted to healthy eating alike. Its simple yet elegant setting, characterized by a sophisticated but minimal design, evokes the scent of cultivated fields with a modern twist and invites guests to try new dishes every day in a journey towards more natural and wholesome foods.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet

Visit us on your lunch break or try our vegetarian happy hour in the evening in Piazza Giovanni Spadolini, 6 (Novoli area) and Via dei Servi, 37 (central Florence). Or enjoy wherever you want, whenever you want, our salad takeaway options and homemade products sold in the Taste Shop.

Rosalia Salad Gourmet

Authenticity, healthy food and seasonality of produce, are three principles at the core of our philosophy. But to these we must add another, namely: eco-sustainability. All the containers we use for take away are made of PLA (PloyLacticAcid) commonly known as Bioplastic. PLA is made up of polymers from corn starch, sugar cane and other completely renewable products, reducing their environmental impact to practically zero.